Climate Protection

The climate is changing. As we burn oil and coal and cut down forests, the planet’s eco-systems are thrown off balance, resulting in more extreme weather patterns and rising sea levels.

We can call on our politicians to engage in responsible climate politics and urge cor­po­rations to invest in climate pro­tection. We can change our habits and consume in a climate­-friendly way.

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News Climate change pushing food prices up

Recently released information for the month of June indicates that inflation eased somewhat last month, dropping from 7.55% in May to 7.25% in June. This dip in inflation however, is not reflected in India’s food prices, which continue to steadily rise. The country’s food inflation currently sits at about 10.81% and mimics the global trend in rising food prices. Weiterlesen

Organisation Global Footprint Network

The Global Footprint Network is an international nonprofit organisation that aims to "end ecological overshoot by making  ecological limits central to decision-making." The website offers information on the development of the world's ecological footprint and its biocapacity. Weiterlesen