WWOOF provides a way for volunteers (WWOOFers) to learn about organic food, farming, and ways of life. In doing so it brings together people to share common human values and thinking. WWOOF also hopes to provide helping hands to its organic WWOOF hosts and allow WWOOFers to understand what it means to live organically. Weiterlesen

Green Yatra

Green Yatra is a movement for the preservation and improvement of nature, our planet, and its environment. Our sole objective is to pass on a habitable green and pollution-free earth to the future generations. Weiterlesen

AppleSeed Permaculture

We envision a world of abundance: Every person on the earth has an abundance of whole food, safe water, sound shelter, clean energy, joyful families, and fulfilling work. Nutritious food and organic agriculture are the economic center of our thriving communities. Weiterlesen