Over 200 crafts of India are endangered today. Happy Hands Foundation strives to revive cultural traditions, art and craft forms through contemporary ways and initiatives such as the Green Room and Blue-Prints. At Happy Hands, the focus is to create sustainable development opportunities for artisans and craftsmen of India, and encourage them to live a life of dignity, not charity. Weiterlesen

Rain Water Concepts

Model: Empower communities to safeguard their own water supplies through education and awareness raising, coupled with a wide variety of simple technological solutions to conserve and access groundwater and harvest rainwater. Location: Based in Karnataka, work in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala ,Gujarat, Goa and Tamil Nadu. Annual Budget: INR 2,304,355 Weiterlesen

Hand in Hand India

Our objective is to eliminate poverty by creating jobs. We do this through our unique holistic approach that tackles the areas that matter the most to poor communities – microfinance, education, health, information, and environment. Weiterlesen

CRE8 Foundation

CRE8 is a nonprofit organization inspiring and uniting global youth through art. CRE8 sparks new possibilities by encouraging children to engage with creativity. Promoting intercultural dialog through collaborative artistic creation, the organization bridges apparent divides. Ultimately, individual growth and international cooperation motivate CRE8's activities. FB name: Create Foundationn Weiterlesen